An overview of the Context for Learning Mathematics Units

An overview of the Context for Learning Mathematics units by grade level can be downloaded: Overview CFLM units

The alignment by grade level between the Contexts for Learning Mathematics units and the CCSS can be downloaded: Kindergarten; Grade 1; Grade 2; Grade 3; Grade 4; Grade 5

A crosswalk between the Ontario Grade Level Objectives and Contexts for Learning Mathematics is also available for download: Crosswalk part 1 and Crosswalk part 2

Learn to engage your K-6 students in powerful math workshops aligned with the Standards of Mathematical Practice by using this dynamic, new online support platform.

Developed by Cathy Fosnot and Maarten Dolk—the authors of the groundbreaking series Young Mathematicians at Work P2S2: a Personalized Professional Support System™ provides an on-demand, self-directed, multi-pathway system for professional learning.

Using a rich library of NSF-funded classroom videos, the platform includes authentic examples and learning activities that support teachers new to the math workshop model. It is aligned with the classroom units in Contexts for Learning Mathematics and also offers explorations and feedback with the authors for deeper study.

Number Talks and Number Strings

Cathy Fosnot discusses the difference between Number Talks and Number Strings